Human worth

Human Worth by: ( Claudia A Howard ) 1992.

Unconditional human worth means that you are important and valuable as a person because your essential, core self is unique, precious, of infinite, eternal, unchanging value, and good. 

Unconditional human worth implies that you re as precious as any other person.

Howard’s Laws of Human Worth:

Unconditional human worth is beautifully described by five axioms based on the work of Claudia A. Howard ( 1992 )

1. All have infinite, internal, eternal, and unconditional worth as persons.

2. All have equal worth as people. Worth is not comparative or competitive..

3. Externals neither add to nor diminish worth. Externals include things like money, looks, 

performance, and achievements. These only increase ones market or social worth. Worth as a person, however, is infinite and unchanging.

4. Worth is stable and never in jeopardy ( even if someone rejects you ).

5. Worth doesn’t have to be earned or proved. It already exists. Just recognize, accept, and appreciate it. Its there!